What, another ramp up to war?

Hi. I haven’t written on WordPress for a while. I’d rather think about and write about nature, dog walks and transcending to higher frequencies and dimensions. But are we really considering going to war again? Didn’t America just end the longest war it has ever been involved in just months ago, and not with a steller result? Didn’t we begin to feel as a people and government, among Democrats and Republicans? that war is no longer (if it ever was) the answer. I thought we were leaning that way, but ‘AAAAh.’ Democrats are rushing to put together a package of military equipment to be shipped to Ukraine. They are putting a sanction package together to punish Russia, as if that ever, ever, ever gets the intended party to say ‘Uncle’, give up, give in and give us the result we claim we want. Never works. And yet again economic sanctions, boycotts, maybe blockades. Always leads to greater tensions. Sometimes to military conflict and sometimes it a leads to war. This is not what I want to think about on vacation but here we are.

Democrats are ready to reach across party lines to put a package together to sanction Russia and a package to send $500 million in military equipment into Ukraine. This is not our business, not our backyard. Where is the discussion? Who is driving this? How is this liberalism? How is this going to help the world situation? The two parties can’t agree on what to do about the climate crisis, black lives matter, Covid 19 or weather to have health care for all; but for war, we can be bipartisan.

The pattern is repeating, but must it? Can the pattern be changed? This is a life and death question.

I am in Gulf Coast Florida, hanging out in a camper at a marina with girfriend and two dogs. I am struggling with some joint issues, some unhealthy feelings in several parts of body. But today I am feeling better. Partly it’s the warming air and a nice stretch and the gentle work out I did yesterday. I also only ate one meal yesterday. Except for last night, each of the last 4 or 5 nights I had felt heaviness and stagnation in my guts and felt problems brewing. So I am trying to cleanse and heal my body.

Good time to do some writing. It is finally getting warm enough that I regale in the morning air. I do a slow stretch routine on the boardwalk, body feeling better than it did yesterday.

Our two dogs are quiet and content. The big dog, Odie is laying on the strip of grass between camper sites and looking my way. The puppy is facing the other way and caught up with the wires around a jackstand. She gets caught constantly. Odie the big dog has learned how to mostly keep from getting his cable caught on things. The puppy, Freya tangles. She can get wrapped around the jackstand like four times and then be sitting there resigned to her position. I free her up.

We have been chillin at a Marina that Rachels cousins own in Gulf Coast Florida. We have a 21 foot Apex Coachman trailer. We’ve been here two weeks now. I feel a bit more settled as time goes on. My digestion is getting better as I listen to my body. “The basis of culture is ‘leisure'” as my old friend and sage, Stephen, ‘Mr. Fun’ Kelly would say. May you rest in peace beautiful soul.

We are being leisurely down here. Languid days, drinking coffee, snuggles, good food, dog walks, dealing with one or two things per day, listening to youtube shows. We had a big fight on day one. We got through it and mostly get along since. The world is off kilter. Wind, storms, news, emotions.

My mind, my body is changing. Getting older, more mature yes. But that is normal and not so interesting. I experience and see rapid evolution. I am a microcosm of the whole. The world, the realm, the planet is changing. The planet is becoming self aware. It’s the internet. It’s a new spirituality. Are we becoming transdimensional beings? Are there other transdimensional beings?

This is all happening as the historical eschaton looms at the horizon. The realm of magic is returning. White light is bent into colors of different frequencies by a crystal. Time is split with crystal lens and two time lines are copresent.

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