Mother wants to Talk

Let’s say Earth wanted to have a conversation with us humans in these troubled times. She might sit us down and tell us nicely, at first, that we were out of line and needed to behave. She might say, “hey humans, you are running a mile a minute all over my back, you are carving up roads and cutting down my tree spirits to make stuff and make room for stuff. You are digging into my belly and extracting my precious parts and burning me up.”

“This is not good. I only have so much to give. I give and I give, but I see it is never enough.”

“Humans. You are from me and will return to me, but all your activity is making it hot on the ground and in the air and in the water. You are causing quite a lot of damage to my lungs which clean the air in a continual inhaling and exhaling.”

“You are causing damage to my water which is the life blood of my body.”

“You are making me sick and all my creatures sick and worried. Please, pretty please can you stop?”

“Can you slow down, what’s the hurry? All this zipping around, bringing my bits from one side of me and delivering them to the other side of me is not good. Things over there should mostly stay over there. Things on this other side should mostly stay on this other side. Things deep in my body should mostly stay deep in my body. The fish in the sea and the animals on the land may be eaten but with reverence and in balance with their needs and the other creatures needs.

You are disrespecting me and hurting me and making it hard for me to continue my the cycles of water, air, cold, heat, bounty and scarcity, light darkness. That is how it should be: cycles in balance. I ask you to accept this.”

“This garden that you’ve been living in is alive. It is part of me, Mother Earth. And you many people are only one of my children. You might think you are the best or the cleaverest but you are not. Your wisdom is very limited.”

What would we humans say to something like that?

We might say, “Well we know you are right Mother, but we just got to cut enough of those trees to pay for our nice house. We need to burn enough of your buried black gold to be able to have a nice trip with our kids. We need to convert your simple things into complicated things that are unnatural because we want to create stuff that is different so we can sell it and make money.”

We might say, “Just a little more. We are not yet satisfied.”

Mother will say that is not her way and it is very hurtful to her lands, her waters, her air and her other creatures.

She would say, “I want you to all stop….. Just stop for a while. And while you have stopped for a good long moment, take some breaths, breath some air, look about, feel deeply. Let your ears hear, let your eyes see and let your heart feel, deeply. You are at a critical time here. Do you wish to push me so out of balance that I cannot keep the waters flowing, the plants and trees growing, the air cycling, the fungi and bacteria breaking down the dead and making it food for new life? You have the power to do this harm, but if you do, we will all suffer. You are one of my creatures, and you humans will not be exempted.”

“You have this choice. I am benevolent, but I am also terrible. Wake from your mad dream.”

“I am sending the Angel of death down among you that you shall also know pain, disease, distress and death as other life knows it. It is the great and terrible Angle of death and you shall know me well if you continue down your path to control and own me. I am not for you to own and control.”

“I warn you because I care. I care soooo much. I love all my creatures. I love even the creatures that must die and many may die to return balance to the systems of my body. Be warned.”

“Be still. Feel, slow down. Think. Namaste. Amen. Shalom. Choose. Om.”

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