Island Sustainability

I recently watched a couple of great shows on Island Sustainability on Netflix.
One is called South Pacific and the other is called Islands of the Future.

Both of these shows show that when people live in a small to moderately sized mostly closed system, they tend to want to take care of it. When we see the impacts of our energy use, our trash, our land use we tend to get the quick feedback that tells us if we are living in harmony with our home.

On the show Islands of the Future each episode highlights an island that is trying to move towards energy and food independence. The first couple islands highlighted are in the Canary Islands. The first show is outstanding. A forward thinking engineer wants the island of Fierro to stop importing diesel and to use wind turbines and the power of potential energy in water to power their island. He wants to create a battery system where wind turbines create energy and move water into a high reservoir. Then release the water to a lower reservoir and in doing so run it through turbines and power the island.

It takes twenty five years but they do it. It was incredible that they had footage of parts of this whole journey and how the public perception changed and everyone eventually gets behind it. The idea was quite clever and it was implemented. It can be done. They are starting to encourage specially designed electric cars and their local president is out in front driving the first one.

All the episodes are great and each has a slightly different twist on sustainability.

The other show named South Pacific, looks at some of the island groups in the South Pacific and how people, nature, and natures creatures survive together. I won’t go into it much but it is well worth seeing. With sea all around people realize their place and live more in harmony. Check it out!

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