Search for affordable community ?

Hi. I just read a nice article about a new type of real estate developement, Utopian Wellness communities. Heres the link, .

I read it through and it is good to hear. Some people are eschewing golf communities and upper end single family palace type living. People are looking for meaningful connection with each other, healing spaces, connection with nature, and multi-generational living. I too am searching for some of these things. I also am looking for affordable living. I am at this point 46 almost 47 and I have spent a lot of my adult life working hard and somewhat playing the rat race game. I never totally bought in to it. However I didn’t really have another viable model to live by. I was ok at. I worked hard and survived and did things I wanted to but didn’t get a big pile of money set aside. Now I am working a little less hard but networking and investigating different types of work and community models. Maybe you are interested in this as well?

I enjoy the craft and community that comes from developing a trade and plying it for people to help them on projects on their property, (I am a tree worker and an amature builder, I am an aspiring permaculture gardener, a thinker and other uncatagorizable things.) but I am often troubled by the idea that I am more motivated by money than by doing right by trees and nature and this bothers me.

I am looking for affordable community models that bring together synergistically community of different peoples and ages and skills with gardens, local business, ecology. I feel that our models are lacking in this country and lately I have been envisioning an eco-community in Southern Mexico.

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